Monday, 3 June 2013

Rising Online Scanner

Rising Online Scanner Free

If you don't want to install any types of anti-virus on your system don't worry you can now use and scan anti-virus just through online. Yes friends, Here Rising online scanner lets give you a chance to scan your hard drive,pen drive or others drive directly through the internet.
Rising online scanner is an Express Edition with same technology of Rising Antivirus Software, also up-to-date service. This program can be used in IE Browser, and provide you a quick-virus-check at your local device. It provides you a virus quick-scan service, and help your away from suspicious malicious threats.
You can brows this online virus scanner with IE, Mozila Firefox, Google chrome.Torch etc latest and updated version.

How to use Rising Online Scanner:

1, Click "Start Rising Online Scanner" button to continual;

2, Install ActiveX application in the first time you use Rising Online Scanner;

3, Click "Scan Now" to start Rising Online Scanner.

But one thing that If you are the first time to using Rising Online Scanner, it command you that download ActiveX controller and virus codes through IE browser, this process will take you a few minutes. And the updating time depends on your Internet speed. When you logon Rising online virus scanner second time, it will take you fewer time for updating.

When you logon Rising Online Scanner webpage, there is an ActiveX application startup, to update Rising Antivirus software to latest version, this will take you a few minutes, and then, you can start Free Online Scanner.


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