Saturday, 30 March 2013

Windows 7 Transformation Pack

Windows 7 Transformation Pack For Ubuntu

Vistar7 Transformation Pack makes ubuntu looks and in some areas works like Windows 7.

This transformation pack is for private use only! It was made purely for educational purposes. It's a proof of concept, showing how flexible is KDE4 and that Windows7 interface is really similar to KDE4.

Features :-

* Vistar7 color scheme (public domain)
* Vistar7 plasma theme, based on Glassified (GPL)
* Redmond Vista – Normal deKorator theme (unknown)
* Win7 Icon theme (proprietary/unknown)
* Aero mouse theme (proprietary)
* Windows 7 like splash screen (proprietary)
* All Windows 7 sound themes (proprietary)
* Windows 7 wallpapers, including beta wallpapers (proprietary)
* Segoe UI, Calibri and Cambri fonts from Microsoft (proprietary)
* Default Windows 7 user picture (proprietary)

Support and compatible with :- Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows2003, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows blue.
Download From Here
Windows 7 Transformation Pack


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