Monday, 14 January 2013

CD Burner

CD Burner XP

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Most of pc user use nero as CD CVD Burner,Image Burner,Image creator,Nrg creator,Data Dise creator,Audio cd creator, or Mp3 creator. In the present time of the year 2013 I have been learned by practically between my self working that nero`s days has gone. I think nero is not perfect to write to burn CD DVD Disc easily and without risc. But they good for show time essential.
An update user should change their mind to some new and perfect copy writing software those are better than nero cd/dvd burning software.

Look nero for a little time:
1. Nero is not a free ware.
2. Nero updated version slow down pc because nero is big space coverable software.
3. Nero some times crash our valuable cd or dvd.
4. Nero take so much time to burn or write.
5. Nero create an attack on virus or antivirus .
6. Nero image can’t burn in other burner (without help of other software)
7. Some times xp is being hanged first for installing Nero.
I have more bad warking example about nero .But i finished now.
I first want to share my updated experience about copy working and cd dvd burning.
I found a best software to do everything of disc writing.
The software name is “CD BURNER XP” futures of some “CD BURNER XP”
1. This is a freeware.
2. Small size easy to install & never slow down pc.
3. Never crashed disc when we are writing.
4. Burn quick more than Nero or others software.
5. Never create virus.
6. It create bootable iso file & burn iso.
7. It create image disc as ISO which support every software (without nero)
8. Its never hanged up pc & never dead your system only reason for it.
9.  "CD burner xp" compatible with window xp , window vista ,windows-7, windows-8.

At last I suggest to all of nero and others user that first use on time this best disc burning software & verify my experience. I hope that all person will be satisfy more than nero or other software.

☻Please comment & shave if this blog posts are helpful?

☻What’s your expanse about cd/dvd burn or writing?


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