Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Avro Free Download

 Internet Unicode Based Bangla Typing Keyboard Software

Avro the Internet Based Bangla Typing Unicode keyboard software .The software mostly used for type Bangla in internet.Avro the software is solution for typing Bangla to Facebook comments, Messaging & Share Bangla with friends,relatives & others Internet based communication.
The Software is a freeware and easy to use,here you do not need to install font.Just Free Dwonload the software and install and use.
Some one fall in a problem when they want to type Bangla in internet like as Facebook Bangla typing,Facebook Bangle comment,or creating a Bangla blog or website.
However,here two solution for you to type Unicode Bangla in intenernet.Knowing more details read the post “How to type Bangla in internet” or “How to type in bangle in Facebook, Blog or Website”

How To Download Avro



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